Monthly Archives: February 2013

Middle School Art Welcomes Guest Artist Anna Onufer

Middle School art teacher Alice Ballard didn’t have to look far to find this year’s Artist in Residence. Anna Onufer is not only a talented and respected lifelong artist – she is also a CCES parent and longtime volunteer. Continue reading

CCES Behind the Scenes: Maintenance Department

Photo, left to right: CCES Maintenance Team Cindy Blackburn, Dalton Wilbanks, Corey Spearman, Mitchell Cunningham, and Paul Tutton.

With eight buildings on seventy-two acres, the Cavalier Campus serves as the daytime home to more than 1,100 students and more than 150 faculty and staff members.  From the Chapel to the auditorium, the batting cages to the science labs, each space comes with its own set of upkeep requirements to look and function optimally.  The events, meetings, and performances of a flourishing school necessitate a host of different room setups.  The unpredictability of Mother Nature, from winter ice storms to outdoor creatures looking for an indoor home, creates new challenges from season to season.  Together, the maintenance team ensures that our campus facilities are “safe, well lit, clean, comfortable, landscaped and maintained, while controlling cost and energy.” Continue reading